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Most Expensive Adsense Keywords list from Insurance Keywords.

Most Expensive Adsense Keywords list from Insurance Keywords. Insurance may be a contract between 2 parties; an organization and a personal. during this contract the individual receives monetary protection or compensation just in case of any loss such reciprocally for premium paid to the corporate. The insurance underwriter pools clients’ risks to form payments cheap for the individual coming into the contract with them.

Most Expensive Adsense Keywords list from Insurance Keywords.

People get their valuable and precious things like homes, cars and jewels insured to induce reimbursed just in case of any loss. folks shopping for new things square measure continually in search of excellent insurance firms. you’ll build your on-line business a additional profitable one by victimization insurance terms like life, automobile and residential insurance, business and insurance that square measure a number of the foremost high-ticket keywords.

Keyword / Phrase CPC
car insurance quotes $66.88
auto insurance quotes $65.90
auto insurance quote $57.99
car insurance $53.16
car insurance quote $51.80
insurance quotes $48.78
life insurance quote $45.77
insurance quote $43.48
term life insurance $41.21
life insurance quotes $40.70
cheap auto insurance $40.62
cheap car insurance $39.99
car insurance rates $38.52
automobile insurance $32.15
auto insurance $31.57
allstate auto insurance $31.05
insurance compare $30.88
term insurance $30.17
safeco insurance $29.81
cheap insurance $29.39
car insurance companies $28.54
cheapest insurance $26.68
insurance rates $25.90
allstate insurance $25.09
21st century insurance $24.59
auto insurance companies $24.19
life insurance $24.09
all state insurance $23.99
rv insurance $23.62
homeowners insurance $23.17
boat insurance $22.22
renters insurance $22.16
homeowner insurance $21.96
whole life insurance $21.95
renter’s insurance $21.66
auto insurance company $21.45
insurance $21.19
progressive auto insurance $20.89
cobra insurance $20.57
century insurance $20.47
house insurance $19.56
erie insurance $19.27
aig insurance $18.24
motor insurance $18.17
trip insurance $17.14
prudential life insurance $17.11
mercury insurance $17.02
life insurance policy $16.60
geico insurance $15.81
usaa insurance $15.75
health insurance quotes $15.53
motorcycle insurance $15.46
farmers insurance $15.35
homeowner’s insurance $14.94
progressive insurance $14.39
business insurance $14.18
private health insurance $13.72
insurance com $13.56
insurance leads $12.35
life insurance companies $12.20
florida insurance $12.18
nationwide insurance $12.14
insurance companies $12.14
affordable health insurance $12.09
prudential insurance $11.97
insurance premium $11.82
american family insurance $11.28
insurance american $11.19
insurance policies $10.99
insurance companies in $10.19
general insurance $10.18
insurance individual $10.16
insurance policy $9.68
hmo insurance $9.11
health ins $9.08
texas insurance $9.08
insurance plans $8.01
ins com $7.99
rental insurance $7.92
healthcare insurance $7.88
professional liability insurance $6.87
insurance coverage $6.84
cover insurance $5.43
www ins $5.40
ins usdoj gov $5.32
citizens insurance $4.98
casualty insurance $4.90
allied insurance $4.84
health care $4.25
workman’s compensation $4.25
ins gov $4.24
indemnity insurance $4.02
agency insurance $3.47
insurance jobs $3.08
guardian insurance $3.00
insurance terms $2.73
financial insurance $2.45
insurance institute $2.09
photoshop plug ins $2.01

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