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Shakardara Local News Depicts Saghri & BangiKhel

Welcome to Shakar Dara Media and Local News. Also, Shakar Dara depicts Saghri and Bangi Khel Khattak. We Provide Multi Vendor eCommerce Platform for Local Vendor Portal. We also provide Local News Social Media Marketing.

Shakardara Media & Local News Depicts Saghri & BangiKhel

Therefore, Two Hearts With One Soul at surrounding area. Shakar Dara is one of peaceful place. Where two tribes living like as Two Hearts With One Soul.  Furthermore, those tribes name are Saghri Khattak and Bangi khel Khattak.  Locating at district Kohat.

Shakardara is an administrative unit

So, its known as “Union Council” of Kohat District in Pakistan. It is a popular village of District Kohat. It is one of the peace full place. where no any religious war you can see. 70 percent population belong to defense job in Pakistan Army. 30 percent belong to Pakistan Air Force. And 20 percent belong to Pakistan Navy.  However, you can see here Two Hearts With One Soul. Also at same place live Saghri and Bangi Khel. So, both tribes living like as same one family at surrounding area. It is located in KPK border area. However, it is a big village in Kohat district. Khyber PakhtunkhwaKhyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Provence of Pakistan. Furthermore, 100 percent populations are Sunni Muslims. Both Saghri & Bangi Khel depend on local bazaar. So, Both tribes lives like as same one family.

Saghri Khattaks and Bangi Khel Khattaks

Both tribes lives like as Two Hearts With One Soul. they live in hundred of different small Dhokhs (ڈهوک).  And villages of KPK Provence and Mianwali provance of Punjab.

Furthermore, Shakardara Local News Depicts Saghri & BangiKhel. The majority of Saghri Khattaks tribe lives at many surrounding town. Saghri Khattak tribe lives in 50+ villages which close to Shakardara. Almost, Bangi Khel Khattaks tribe lives in different small villages. Because, the majority of Bangi Khel tribe lives at Mianwali.  Mianwali of Punjab’s distract which is close to surrounding area of Shakardara. Therefore its in Kohat district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, KPK of Pakistan.

Shakardara Local News Depicts Saghri & BangiKhel

In addition, Shakar Dara Media is the first website about Shakardara local news and Surrounding area. Welcome to all for browsing Shakardara local news.

However, there are no good facilities with people of Shakardara. But we have great potential in our young generation. Younger have amazing talent acquisition strategies. So, each person has unique ability that make him or her to awesome at some things. And very average at others. In conclusion, Shakar Dara Media and Local News provide Local events. And all activates information. We would like to cover both Saghri and Bangi Khel Khattak. And surrounding area of Shakar Dara too. Shakar Dara Media and Local News will publish only true activities of both tribes of Shakar Dara google map.

Shakaradara Location

Shakaradara is a village in district Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. it’s famous for its oil and gas reservoirs.

The Oil and Gas Development Company restricted (OGDCL) has recently, with success explored four oil fields within the Shakardara with production of one,200 barrels per day (190 m3/d) of oil and around 5 million isometric feet (140,000 m3) of gas.

Shakardara Postal Code: 26380


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A petition seeking to finish the gas offer to Punjab was registered in the Peshawar court. PHC seeks comments from the govt., Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, and Sui Northern Gas Pipelines West Pakistan.

Shakadara Climate

The climate of Shakardara local news is extremely hot throughout summer and cold throughout winter with the most well liked months being could, June, Gregorian calendar month and August. In summer, the temperature could exceed on top of forty degree Centigrade however the weather changes from Gregorian calendar month through Feb. The winter season is, however, terribly pleasant and frigid. Monsoon rains ar received from could to Gregorian calendar month with August being the rainiest month. The winter rains occur from Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month..

Shakardara Languages

Pashto is that the common language that is domestically understood and spoken. Urdu being the national language is additionally understood. the foremost notable tribe is Khattak with more sub tribes as , Saghri Khattak, Bangi-khel Khattak and Buraq Khattak.

Shakardara Local News Popularity

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